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How bail bond affect Culver city!

Bail bonds in Culver city are a contract between a bail bonds office and the indemnitor or the signee of liability for the defendant who is contracting the bail bond for his or her release from custody. The contract is based around the defendant’s responsibility to show up in court on the assigned date. Bail bonds and their agencies aide the economy of the city in different ways. More importantly however is the reduced impact and strain on the city’s overburdened jails.


The amount of money it takes to keep just one inmate incarcerated is enormous. The role of a bail bond agency is to bridge the gap of financial liability that a defendant would be required to pay in order to be released while awaiting trial. The bail amounts required for various charges are astronomical in comparison to what an average individual or family would be able to pay. Without some way to pay these bail amounts, the defendant would be required to remain in custody for the duration of their trial. The amount of money saved by reducing the number of inmates incarcerated averages about $700 dollars per month per inmate. This amount only stands to grow without the bail bonds providing the option for defendants to leave jail while awaiting trial. This money can be better used elsewhere in the city’s budget.


Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to bail bonds. The contract is essentially the agency providing the money for the inmates release while they are awaiting trial and that they will show up to trial as is written in the contract. The risk associated with this matter is that it is difficult to guarantee that the defendant will show up to court on the assigned date. This risk assessment is the bail bondsman’s primary job, to determine whether the defendant is worth the risk to bail out of custody. If the bondsman determines that the individual is a suitable client, they then find a family member or close friend who would be willing to sign liability for the inmate.


By having this second party sign for the individuals liability to show up for court. This acts as a form of motivation for the defendant to show up for court as they are now not the only person liable for their actions. Bail bonds agencies also offer an employment opportunity for individuals who need more steady work. From a macro viewpoint, the services a bail bond agency provides not only help the city’s financial budget from being overly drained from the penal system, but also contributes on the micro level as to creating jobs for qualified and motivated individuals.

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