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LAPD Officer Shoots Man with Knife Near USC

Earlier this week, a man armed with a knife was shot and critically injured by the Los Angeles Police near the USC campus. Two LAPD officers were conducting a traffic stop near Magnolia Avenue and 27th street at about five p.m., which is near the USC campus. As they were writing the suspect a ticket, he began to argue with the police and an altercation broke out between the officers and the suspect in the car. The suspected proceeded to exit the vehicle and began fighting the officers. As the two officer struggled to get the suspect in custody, the suspect pulled out a knife and tried to attack the officers with the knife. One of the officers immediately pulled out his weapon and shot the suspect before he could harm either one of the officers. It is unclear why the suspect tried to harm the officers because the suspect did not have any reason to other than speeding near the USC campus.

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