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Train Hero

On Monday on an Expo Line car from Los Angeles to Culver City, a man subdued an erratic passenger after he became aggressive with other passengers on the subway. The entire event was caught on a cellphone video camera and was uploaded to youtube. The hero of the bus has been dubbed the “Viking Guy” and “Subway Hero.” The Subway Hero is known as Adrian Kaczmarek and he told reporters that he was not trying to be a hero; he just didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Kaczmarek noticed that the man was somewhat impaired and was agitating other passengers and began to make gestures that he was about to become violent. When Kaczmarek saw his actions, he felt that he had to step in and prevent anything bad from happening. He placed the violent man in a chokehold and pinned the man down until the next stop when police arrived and arrested the man. The video has received over a million views on youtube and has become the next internet sensation. This is a perfect example of ordinary people coming to the rescue of others even when they do not have to and are not involved.

train hero

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